Screening of the film "Hand Gestures" and moderated discussion by Francesco Clerici / Mario Županović

On Monday, July 4, 2022, Kino Zona proudly hosted its first foreign guest appearance by the award-winning director, screenwriter, writer and lecturer Francesco Clerici from Milan. With the screening of the film "Hand Gestures", Kino zona together with Clerici celebrated its recent entry into the prestigious international association of art film exhibitors "CICAE". The Italian director won the prestigious FIPRESCI jury award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2015 for his debut feature-length documentary film. 

"Hand Gestures" is a unique film and the first of a series of four films that Clerici wants to realize on the subject of manual work and skills that are slowly dying out everywhere in the world.

Clerici spoke with Kino Zone artistic advisor Mario Županović about filming this, but also about working on other intriguing projects such as "Memoria del fuego" (about Cuban cigar rollers in Nicaragua) and "Gillo Dorfles" (about the world's longest-serving art critic and theoretician). The audience actively participated in the conversation, asking Clericius interesting questions about secret crafts and the future of the survival of manual crafts and artistic work.

Thanks to Francesco Clerici for hosting and we hope to meet again with some new, intriguing documentary content!

Photo: Krešimir Sorić