Screening of the film "Safe place" and moderated conversation Goran Marković/ Mario Županović/ Ivica Perinović

On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, we hosted the Croatian film "Safe Place" directed by Juraj Lerotić in the fully-filled Zadar Puppet Theater. It was the most attended screening since the existence of the independent cinema library Kino Zona, which is the best testimony to the importance and value of the film, which speaks in a bold and direct way about the taboo topic of suicide in the family and the inevitability of that act. 

Our guest in a subtle and never more empathetic guest appearance through Q&A was the main actor Goran Marković, who embodied the role of the suicidal brother. As Marković is also personally connected to the Lerotić family, his role, as well as the entire context of the conversation, acquired an extremely confidential, humane-existentialist atmosphere in which he revealed the ways in which he and the director prepared for one of his best and most impressive roles so far. 

The exceptionally emotional atmosphere during the screening of the film was transferred to the conversation with the audience, who inclusively entered into the story about the value of the film, taboo topics, the powerlessness of the environment, as well as the bravura minimalism with which Marković gave the role of Damir an anthological significance.
After a series of awards at European festivals, Safe Place proved to be one of the best Croatian films ever, one that is remembered and that leaves a deep wound and a deep impression.

Thank you to Goran Marković for hosting and promoting the film and to the audience for coming and actively participating in the conversation.

Photo: Krešimir Sorić