Absence of Telepresence

Absence of Telepresence

Croatia 25 min.

Absence of telepresence is a personal cinematic reflection on the gradual merging of phone, address book, camera and computer into one gadget. A hybrid of documentary, feature film and experiment about our relationship to communication technologies.

The cinematic mix consists of essayistic narratives and images inspired by historical artists whose works are closely related to communication protocols: Buster Keaton, Sophie Call and Nam June Paik. The director's photo series of people with smartphones taken in Seoul in 2017 and Tokyo in 1997 are merged with the media performances of the following artists: Sandra Sterla, Gilda Bavčević, William Linn and Nina Kamenjarin. The technological and artistic concepts of telephones in recent history were performed and presented simultaneously with nostalgia, futurism and humor.


  • Tue 07.05.2024. 19:05


Polyvalent hall - Duke's Palace

Poljana Šime Budinića 3
23000 Zadar

Original title
Odsutnost Teleprisutnosti
Dan Oki
Dan Oki
Marc Barbe, Ines Miro, Gildo Bavčević, Sandra Sterle, Dan Oki, William Linn
Andrea Kaštelan, Dan Oki
Dan Oki