Love around the world

Love around the world

Croatia, Germany 76 min.

From the moment we got engaged and set a wedding date, we began thinking about the reasons we chose one another. What was so special about this relationship that we decided to spend our lives together? Would our love be the same if we were born in another time or at another place? What is love exactly?

Driven by those questions, we decided to embark on a one year journey around the world to research whether love, one of the highest values in our lives, is universal, or it is completely conditioned by the circumstances around us. In the past year, we traveled to 30 countries over five continents and collected more than 120 interviews with different couples, individuals, and collectives, all of them sharing their thoughts on love, relationships, marriage, divorce...


  • Fri 13.08.2021. 21:00
  • Sat 14.08.2021. 21:00
  • Wed 13.10.2021. 20:00


Rector's palace

Poljana Šime Budinića
23000 Zadar

Original title
Ljubav oko svijeta
Anđela Rostuhar, Davor Rostuhar
Anđela Rostuhar, Davor Rostuhar
Davor Rostuhar
Klub za ekspedicionizam i kulturu, Drugi plan, Autentic
Klub za ekspedicionizam i kulturu