The Month of Our Film: H-8

The Month of Our Film: H-8

Croatia 105 min.

On the night of April 14, 1957, a bus and a factory truck collided on the Zagreb highway. The collision was caused by overtaking by an unknown driver, who immediately after cold-bloodedly turns off the lights and runs away without even looking back. The rest of the film follows the events in the bus and the truck until the accident itself.

We get to know the fates of bus passengers - piano student Alma Novak, journalist Boris, his colleague and friend, failed actor Kreša Miljuš and his wife, driver Josip Barać, his assistant Janez Pongrac and others. At the same time, the shipment of sheet metal is transported by truck by the driver Rudolf Knez, followed by his son Vladimir and his acquaintance from prison Franjo Rosić, who later joins them.


  • Wed 22.05.2024. 20:15


Polyvalent hall - Duke's Palace

Poljana Šime Budinića 3
23000 Zadar

Original title
Nikola Tanhofer
Zvonimir Berković, Tomislav Butorac
Antun Vrdoljak, Boris Buzančić, Đurđa Ivezić, Vanja Drach, Mira Nikolić, Marijan Lovrić, Antun Nalis, Mia Oremović, Stane Sever, Pero Kvrgić, Marija Kohn, Fabijan Šovagović, Ljubica Jović
Slavko Zalar
Jadran Film
Projekcija se održava u suradnji s HAVC-om