COMING SOON IN THE 'KINO ZONA': Bergman - A Year in a Life

COMING SOON IN THE 'KINO ZONA': Bergman - A Year in a Life


In 1957, Ingmar Bergman turned 39 years old. As an already established figure in world cinema, he published his two masterpieces that year, "The Seventh Seal" and "Wild Strawberries". He wrote and filmed “On the Threshold of Life,” directed two acclaimed plays, worked on radio and television, and went through dramas in his private life.

In marking the centenary of the great author’s birth, Swedish director Jane Magnusson takes this extremely fruitful year as a starting point for exploring Bergman as a man, in all the complexity of his personality. 1957 was also the year he met Käbi Laretei and Ingrid von Rosen, who would become his fourth and fifth wives, while at the same time preoccupied with an intense affair with Bibi Andersson, the lead actress in two films that year. His marriage to journalist and linguist Gun Grut is falling apart. Bergman barely sees the six children he already had with three different women ... 

The acclaimed and award-winning documentary about the famous film visionary is credited to director Jane Magnusson, who successfully continues her fascination with Bergman's character and work, which began in 2012 with the TV mini-series "Bergmans Video".