Everything is ready for the Iranian film treat "The Salesman"

Everything is ready for the Iranian film treat "The Salesman"


We continue the Asian mini cycle with a Sunday screening of the remarkable Iranian film “The Salesman”.

The film carries a Hitchcock note of constant uncertainty and anticipation, in which Farhadi is an unsurpassed master of the craft, as tingles run through his skin, the viewer is emotionally upset and equally concerned about the characters and their fate. In this story, it is the married-acting couple Rana and Emad whose life is turned upside down due to the sudden danger of the demolition of the building in which they live (living conditions in Iran!) and forced relocation. Through a combination of unfortunate circumstances, their relationship, as in the play "Death of a Merchant Traveler" which is currently being prepared on theatrical boards, is put to the test, and moral and emotional doubts become an unbearable weight - if someone destroys your life, how can you not hate it? Is revenge justified and under what conditions or should strength be found for forgiveness? 

Awards and nominations: 10 awards and 24 nominations, of which the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film 2017 and the Golden Palm Award for Best Screenplay and Best Actor at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival are worth mentioning. As before, the screening starts at 9 pm, and the box offices at the destination (Poljana Branko Stojakovića, in front of the Zadar Puppet Theater) open at 8.15 pm. See you!