Hot Thursday in the Kino Zona with "The Handmaiden"!

Hot Thursday in the Kino Zona with "The Handmaiden"!


And now something completely different ... After the sympathetic and poetic dramas "Butterfly" and "Paterson", a masterpiece of newer Asian cinema, the Korean erotic thriller "Maid", arrives in the Kino Zona!

Inspired by the novel "Fingersmith" by British writer Sarah Waters, Park moves the plot of a Victorian film to Korea during the period when Japan colonized Korea in the 1930s. The former convict Fujiwara wants to get a large inheritance from the rich Japanese Hideko, so he persuades Sook-Hee, a poor girl without parents, to help him with that. The plan is for Sook-Hee to start working as a maid for Hideko to convince her to fall in love with Fujiwara. Fujiwara, on the other hand, introduces himself as a count, and becomes a close friend of Uncle Kouzuki, a pervert and abuser, who also intends to marry Hideko. However, when the relationship between Sook-Hee and Hideko experiences an unexpected turnaround, the situation becomes complicated ...  

Awards and nominations: 62 awards and 93 nominations, of which the most prominent is BAFTA 2018 for the best film outside the English-speaking area and for the best artistic direction at the Cannes Film Festival 2016. 

Surprising plots, upheavals, sensuality and stunning photography are the features of this masterful psychological thriller. So this Thursday, August 15, from 9 pm, in the Kino Zona (Branko Stojaković Square), don't miss a real movie treat! A small note - the film is not intended for people under 18!