''I'd Rather be a Stone'' by Ana Hušman, a candidate for the European Film Award

''I'd Rather be a Stone'' by Ana Hušman, a candidate for the European Film Award


The documentary-experimental film ''I'd Rather be a Stone'' by author Ana Hušman was selected as a candidate for the European Film Award in the short film category at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, which runs until February 4.

"The author pays lyrical and sensual attention to the landscape threatened by ecological and economic changes and brings a disarmingly caring perspective, combined with a masterfully poetic narrative. One region of Croatia is shown through a touching collage of personal and collective memories, so that we can gently think about the traces we leave behind," it says in the explanation of the jury that selected the film I'd rather be a stone by author Ana Hušman as a festival candidate for the European Film Award.  

"I am very happy with the award, which is also a good start for the life of the film. But, above all, it is a compliment to the team with whom I have been making films for years. I also thank HAVC for continuing to invest in and nurture experimental film," the author said on the occasion.

The European Short Film category is organized in cooperation with the European Film Academy and festivals across Europe. At each of the qualifying festivals, including the Rotterdam International Film Festival, an independent jury selects one candidate for the European Film Award nomination race, with a total list of 29 titles. Qualified festivals will nominate five films at the end, and members of the European Film Academy will vote for the winner. 

The documentary-experimental film I'd Rather Be a Stone premiered on Friday, January 26 in Rotterdam as part of the Tiger Shorts main competition program.

Through the protagonist Mala Jela, the film recounts the events that marked a generation and determined the future of the landscape of Lika, a neglected and sparsely populated part of Croatia. The living conditions and events that determined the future of the landscape also determined the lives of the inhabitants, their loneliness, relationships, opportunities, fears and hopes. Mala Jela embodies several female faces in a family dominated by women: mother, grandmother, sister, aunts. 

The director of photography is Ivan Slipčević, the editor is Iva Kraljević, and Ivan Zelić was in charge of sound (design and mix) and music, while sound was recorded by Ivna Jurković. The film was produced by Studio Pangolin, and the producer is the author herself, Ana Hušman. The distributor is Bonobostudio.

Let us remind you that the last film of the late artist Ivan Faktor, Pain, premiered in Rotterdam as part of the Short & Mid-length section. The film was presented to the audience by editor Damir Čučić and producer Jelena Duh.

Also, in the industrial part of the festival, producer Nika Obučina (Antitalent) is participating in the Rotterdam Lab workshop intended for producers on the rise.

The International Film Festival in Rotterdam (International Film Festival Rotterdam - IFFR) is one of the largest and most influential film festivals which, in addition to attracting tens of thousands of professionals and visitors every year, determines future film trends and discovers filmmakers to watch out for.

Source: HAVC