Join us in the hunt for Turkish ''Butterflies''

Join us in the hunt for Turkish ''Butterflies''


After the wacky Halle, we continue in the same genre of comic drama or dramatic comedy. Turkish ''Butterflies'' visit the summer film stage this Thursday!

Suzi and her brothers Cemal and Kenan have hardly communicated at all since they moved from a small home village as teenagers, and have lost contact with their father as well. The situation is changed by father's unexpected phone call to the oldest Cemal, with a request that all three return immediately to the village. Cemal gathers his brother and sister and, despite hesitation, embarks on an unusual journey. Trying to reconnect pieces of a dysfunctional family and face a common past, gradually they meet, not realizing that the biggest surprises await them in the village. 

Excellent acting and a unique combination of comedy and drama secured the film a major award at the Sundance Film Festival. See you 08.08. at 9 p.m.!