A real indie treat is coming to us tonight. Come and leave your mark!

The current forecast tells us how the sky will take pity tonight and how another remarkable film awaits us.

This Wednesday we are taking a very special "Graduation"

From Wes Anderson’s twisted animated world, we return to the more painful and real one. This Wednesday in the Kino Zona, we are showing you the latest film by the multi-award winning and highly esteem...

Critics adore Anderson's "Isle of Dogs", and what about you?

Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson and Harvey Keitel are just part of a constellation of famous actors whose voices you can hear tonight in the animated film...

Saturday night at the Kino Zona with a jewel from the 'Land of the Rising Sun'

A real movie weekend is ahead of us! It is opened by the third and last "Asian" from this year's program. The film "Shoplifters" certainly evokes a range of emotions, and enchants viewers with its war...

Announcement of the program of the second month of summer cinema!

Dear film lovers, we have reached the second month in the Cinema Zone.

Everything is ready for the Iranian film treat "The Salesman"

We continue the Asian mini cycle with a Sunday screening of the remarkable Iranian film “The Salesman”.

Hot Thursday in the Kino Zona with "The Handmaiden"!

And now something completely different ... After the sympathetic and poetic dramas "Butterfly" and "Paterson", a masterpiece of newer Asian cinema, the Korean erotic thriller "Maid", arrives in the Ki...

This Sunday we ride with Jarmusch's "Paterson"

After laughing with the Butterflies, Adam Driver on screen and Jim Jarmusch behind the camera are in charge of Sunday’s party. Although this description can be applied to several film productions, thi...

Join us in the hunt for Turkish ''Butterflies''

After the wacky Halle, we continue in the same genre of comic drama or dramatic comedy. Turkish ''Butterflies'' visit the summer film stage this Thursday!