December in the Kino Zona

The month of November in the Kino Zona was accompanied by carefully selected domestic titles and those from the "ZFF travels" program, an unforgettable lecture by the seasoned film master Vlado Ercego...

This Friday we bring you a special "Load"

After the sold-out screening of the film "Tusta", Kino Zona is preparing another film treat in the form of a screening of the film "The Load" this Friday as well.

Tonight we are watching a documentary about the legendary singer "Tusta"

A biographical documentary about the greatest frontman of the ex-Yu punk-rock scene, a man who outgrew music and became a symbol of free thought and common sense.

Tonight we are showing you ''The County''

The second and final day of the "ZFF travels" program brings the Icelandic film "The County" by the former ZFF laureate Grímur Hákonarson to the Kino Zona.

Zagreb Film Festival in Kino Zona opens with the film "Alice and the Mayor"

The first few weeks in the Kino Zona audience could enjoy the best recent domestic titles. This weekend brings the selection of this year's "Zagreb Film Festival" to the Kino Zona. On Saturday , Novem...

A homemade treat that is never to be missed

This years Croatian Oscar nominee!

This Sunday we are watching the domestic crime drama "Mali"

This Sunday, November 3, "Mali", a crime drama by Antonio Nuić, is coming to the Kino Zona. For those viewers who value films solely by the number of festival awards won, suffice it to say that "Small...

Kino Zona brings you great movies in November too!

Already on Sunday, November 3, the Croatian candidate for the prestigious Oscar, the acclaimed crime drama by Antonio Nuić "Mali", is coming to us.